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Gemeinschaft zur Förderung von Pflanzeninnovation e. V.

Cornet RustControl

Work Packages

WP 1: Virulence survey and standardized inoculum production

WP Leader: JKI
Specific objective is to analyse the German and Polish stem rust populations and to produce homogeneous, high-quality inoculum for leaf segment and field tests.
T 1.1: Virulence survey of the stem rust populations occurring in Germany and Poland and selection of specific isolates
T 1.2: Propagation of inoculum

WP 2: Leaf segment tests for identifying stem rust races and resistance genes

WP Leader: JKI
Specific objective is to identify new race-specific genes.
T 2.1: Selection and propagation of a specific isolate assortment
T 2.2: Leaf segment tests for resistance gene identification

WP 3: Multi environmental, artificial field inoculation for adult-plant resistance

WP Leader: IPP-NRI
Specific objective is to test the susceptibility of widely grown cultivars and preselected resistance sources over an array of environments for their stem rust resistance.
T 3.1: Delivery of cultivars, field preparation, sowing, agronomic measures
T 3.2: Inoculation and evaluating field data
T 3.3: Statistical analyses

WP 4: QTL/gene analyses of segregating populations

WP Leader: UHOH
Specific objective is to identify/localize new race-specific genes in self-fertile rye populations.
T 4.1: Marker analyses
T 4.2: Constructing genetic linkage maps
T 4.3: QTL analyses and cross validation

WP 5: Case-control study of individual plants

WP Leader: UHOH
Specific objective is to identify new race-specific genes in self-incompatible populations known to possess effective resistance genes.
T 5.1: Marker analyses
T 5.2: Association analyses

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