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Work Packages

The project includes a sequential arrangement of steps integrated into three work packages covering three major domains:
1- Plant breeding, evaluation and production
2- Feed technology, processing, animal nutrition and management
3- Commercial, environmental and social aspects
In work package 1, the pre-selection, evaluation of European rapeseed varieties and breeding lines as well as potential for improvement of rapeseed nutritional value by focusing on regions of genome which is responsible for NSPs and shortening the breeding time via novel strategy will be addressed.
The feed technology and processing section of work package 2 is aimed to develop technological and biotechnological procedures that can improve nutritional and functional properties of rapeseed derived products while applicability as well as environmental and economic benefits of the developed technologies are taken into account. The objective of the technological processing of rapeseed will be effective, resource-efficient, sustainable and practically relevant for use in small and medium enterprises.
For the animal nutrition section of work package 2 the essential technological objective is the development of feed ingredients that are suitable for poultry nutrition while meeting the European standard criteria. This requires test systems that allow characterization of feed digestibility and animal physiology under in vivo conditions. Targeted feeding studies using broilers, layers and turkeys will be performed and the impacts of rapeseed derive protein products on following parameters will be evaluated:
o Health, performance, physiology and digestive function
o Nutrient digestibility and bioavailability
o Environmental pollution and animal welfare
In work package 3, the economic, legal and social aspects of the newly developed varieties and products will be examined and compared with genetically modified feed ingredients and feed. The factors that influence the small and medium poultry farms» willingness to use the innovative biotechnologies and prototype product will be analyzed. The advantages and disadvantages of the developed biotechnologies for SMEs in Poland and Germany will be assessed.

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